About Us

About Us


Collins Laberge Asesores, S.L., is a firm dedicated to advising companies, independent contractors and not for profit organizations in accounting, tax and labor matters.

Established in 2015 by professionals with extensive experience in advising companies both in Spain in other countries, Colins Laberge Asesores bases the rendering of its services both in the professionality and efficacy with which it operates and in the development of a trustworthy relationship with its clients. We believe in hard work, dedication and seriousness as the main tools at the time of rendering the best service at the best price!

Our areas of practice are leaded by professionals that develop a personal relationship with each client, analysing her needs in detail, in terms that assure that our services not only comply with a high standard of quality but are also perceived by our clients as “excellent value for money”.

We grow with our clients, whom we assist in the fulfilment of their obligations in the areas of accounting, tax and labor, always devising the best solutions to their needs.

With their academic background and professionality, our professionals are the best asset of Colins Laberge Asesores, which have allowed the firm to position itself as a strong practice with a proven business model.

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